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Trey Kennedy is a comedian and media personality popular on websites such as Youtube and Tiktok. His target audience is young adults (Gen Z and millennials). 

The goal of this campaign was to push the importance of banking local and keeping your money local in smaller financial institutions to help communities and local economies. 


Campaign Challenge: 
How can we drive the importance of banking local? 

Objective of this Landing Page:
Build a page to host the promotional video in that we can promote on social websites and drive traffic to. 

Role: Visual Designer / UI

View live site here:

Content / Features:

Worked with copywriter, art director and social media manager to plan the content that would exist on the page 

Design decisions:

While the messaging for this page was to keep banking local, the overall sentiment was to build a larger voice for Kasasa to compete against the Megabanks as a network of smaller community Financial Institutions.

After analyzing some marketing / promotional pages from other leading global FinTech companies that also specialized in community businesses, I noticed some similarities in the layouts:

- Clean, minimal aesthetic 

- Content blocks that can easily get shifted around to accommodate fast change request

- Primary content at top of page

- lots of space around each content section

- large stat callout on each page / metrics have a different visual treatment 

It was also imperative to use Kasasa's brand colors / system while trying to achieve a more simplistic and minimal page 


lo-fi wireframe:

The initial sketches featured 2 layouts, one with the primary content (the video) along with a description and the social share buttons to the side of the video. And another version with an image of Trey Kennedy along with the video/desc/social share icons. 

hi-fi wireframe:

After turning these into mid-fi sketches and reviewing the notes from analyzing competitor pages - I comped another layout with the video as the primary focus at the top of the page and the description beneath the video.

Since the primary focus of this video wasn't Trey Kennedy it was the message of helping local communities, I decided having an image that highlighted members of a community vs. Trey Kennedy might be more effective next to the about me section.

Prototyping & User Feedback:

Version 1 highlighted Trey Kennedy with a feature image of him next to the video and the video description underneath.

Version 2 removed Trey Kennedy as the focus with just the video player and a description beside it to give users insight into the promotion. The initial version of this had the stats in it's own call out section below the "about me" portion of this page. 

Version 3 had the video as the primary focus with the description below.

After gathering user feedback - we found layout 3 was the most effective at keeping users engaged by keeping the video as the main focus above the fold. Allowing users to immediately view the content (the promotional video) without getting distracted by imagery or the text.

Now the focus was shifted to below the fold, see fig below for some feedback on the layout.

Final prototypes:

After omitting version 1 and 2 we explored some different layouts for version 3, we explored an option without the community image and some of the UI changes that we made were changing the footer to black, where we later learned the disclaimer would live, and to allow the focus to stay on the content directly on the page. We also explored having the "About Kasasa" CTA as a text link to allow for the product links in the middle section to be the main drivers. 


The final site was built using Instapage starting from a base template. This allowed us to quickly get the page up without the need for a developer and for the marketing team to track the performance along with their other campaigns. 

The final site design included a disclaimer and did not include the product section that contained 2 outbound links. This allowed us to move the main CTA above the "about me" section and allowed for the button style to remain stylized instead of using hyperlinked text.


Final Site at launch (web & mobile)

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