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I was brought on to the Kasasa B2C digital marketing team in 2019 to help implement and scale all creative initiatives for their new Acquisition marketing program, ORB Marketing. This program utilized Kasasa's existing marketing channels/resources and bundled them into a turn-key multi-channel product. This program took the uncertainty out of marketing investments and put that directly into a package that guaranteed results - utilizing award-winning and consumer-tested creative and included consistent optimization efforts by Kasasa's marketing team.
This program launched at the start of 2020 and was a huge marketing success, winning the 2020 FinTech Breakthrough “Banking Innovation Award”, and converting a large portion of existing marketing accounts into recurring revenue for Kasasa. Financial Institutions that ran ORB marketing saw an average increase in ROI of 215%. 

My role on the team was to work with each channel owner to create templates that could easily get A/B tested, implemented, and scaled across 100+ Financial Institutions. Each channel, aside from Paid Search, required creative needs. I worked closely with the channel owners and ran hundreds of A/B tests to guarantee we were moving forward with the best creative and continued to optimize/scale from there. My efforts included creating the templates, reviewing A/B test results with channel managers, maintaining the templates, creating management tools for implementation/creative scheduling, and assisting with the implementation and delivery of Digital ads and Landing Pages.

A-La-Carte Marketing Channels:

Creative Samples per channel:

ORB (Optimized, Results-Based Marketing):

ORB (Optimized, Results-based) Marketing, bundled Kasasa's existing individual marketing offerings into a turn-key product that was tailored to each FI's individual needs and budget, and was constantly optimized with tested creative, proprietary segmentation, predictive analytics and audience optimizations. 

Creative Required:

Template A/B testing
The templates used for each channel were A/B tested to ensure we were using the most effective design for each campaign and product we were offering.

From there we tested image selection and the copy used to ensure we were using the most effective imagery and language in our offerings.

ORB August test results_edited.png


From here, we built out a library of images to be used within each campaign, across all channels for the whole year.
This involved batch-processing hundreds of images for compliance to be used within social media and branding/watermarking campaign logos into images being used within certain campaigns. 


The team came up with a cadence to regularly rotate the creative running within each channel. 
Digital display, Social media and Direct mail were the 3 channels that required regular maintenance of the creative being used.
We were also offering 2 different campaigns, one that contained 3 subcampaigns, this resulted in the mangement of 192 total images to be used for our creative rotation schedule.


The team was tracking the implementation of these assets through excel spreadsheets (Fig 1.1 and 1.2) which became extremely hard to manage

There was a need to see all the images flighted for the year in one place with the tracking shortcodes and the channels they would be running in. 

Fig 1.1

Fig 1.2

As I began working closely with the channel managers and assisting with implementation- I realized a need for an internal interactive tool to help track images, their short codes, and the flight schedules across each campaign - I based this tool primarily on the needs of social and digital display which required the most frequent creative changes

The first version of this tool can be viewed here:

After receiving feedback from the team with about a year of use, a second version of this tool was created for external / client-facing use with some adjustments and added features.

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