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Interactive piece deep-diving into Generation Z and their tech / finance habits

Overall Marketing Objective: create a piece to really dive into who the Gen Z generation is and why bankers should care. 
"Content engagement from CFIs that positions Kasasa as a trusted thought leader and partner. This engagement will lead to increase sales engagement and client loyalty."

Role: Lead Designer, UX Designer

-Led conversations around design to art director, copywriters and stakeholders (B2B marketing team)

-continued to maintain and make revisions alongside copywriter and stakeholders

view live site here:


Sketch and pivot:

The original objective was to create a piece around Gen Alpha and their banking / tech habits to set Kasasa up as a thought leader and industry expert on a new generation that was rarely discussed / often overlooked in terms of finances.

After some research / discussion the team decided to pivot to a piece around Gen Z. 

Design decisions / visual identity:

The main character of the piece was meant to stay consistent with one of Kasasa's blog pieces on generations that featured some illustrations created by another designer:

This blog generates tons of organic traffic - we wanted to capitalize on this and create more content that would stay consistent with the visuals across all our pieces that discussed the same topics.

Final iFrame
view live site here:


-interactive bubbles that walk user through Gen Z profile stats

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