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BTAN Site Redesign

BTAN is an invitation-only conference Kasasa hosts annually to bring prospects and clients in to uncover new market research, cutting-edge technology from Kasasa, and actionable best practices. 

Kasasa went through a rebrand during the later half of 2021 and the start of 2022, meaning the website needed a refresh. 

Role: Lead Designer

View the live site here:

Site map:

Old site design:


Old design used older brand colors that consisted of lots of reds and blacks. 


We wanted the new design to feel inviting and optimistic as opposed to the darker tones from the previous design.

Old brand colors:


Red was the primary brand color and was used as the primary color across the site.

Updated site design decisions / visual identity:

The site design included new elements from the company's re-brand including colors, gradients and graphic elements.


The tonality was meant to feel lighter and more inviting.

Final Site Design:
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