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Acxiom Analytics Environment (AAE) Infographic

Static long-form infographic explaining data process and flow.

Overall Marketing Objective: Create an infographic that enables CST and sales members to have confident discussions with clients about data and how it is used.

Project timeline: 3 weeks

Role: Designer

-long form infographic in PDF or JPG format

Design decisions:

Stakeholder provided long-form infographics as references for what they were hoping for in terms of final deliverables.


After consulting with the team we decided to move forward with an illustrated style using infographics such as this one from Lemonly as inspiration.


Brand colors:



lo-fi sketch

Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg

final prototype

Kasasa Analytics Infographic V5e-01.png
Final infographic
Classic long-form static infographic
Kasasa Analytics Infographic V5e-01.png
Corresponding PPT Graphics
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